Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We started off this morning with some halloween-shaped pancakes for breakfast.
Then off to school.
I came across this on Pinterest, and thought I'd give it a shot. 
Disclaimer:  I have never frosted a cake, as in ever!  Clearly it shows.
But the kids loved it, and that's good enough for me :)
  whoops, forgot the mouth
Jacob's class had a halloween party, and I was in charge of pictures.
Loved watching him work
Loved all the costumes
Then we went over to Meme's house
Then we went over to Beth's house to trick-or-treat with Kate & Luke.
tried to get Levi in this picture, but he wouldn't go anywhere near Luke's mask. 
It's Super Levi!
Kate being a great helper, as always.
Then we came home and had a piece of the Frankenstein cake.
As if they needed more sugar.  I thought they looked so cute in their costumes at the table.
After a bath, we turned our outside lights on and let Jacob pass out some candy.  He LOVED it!!
Bless his heart, he was watching for trick-or-treaters.
I got the cutest video of both Jacob and Levi passing out candy, I will upload soon. 


Emily said...

Those pictures are great!

Love the cake, you did a really good job and its a cute idea!

Love that last picture, he is too cute peeking out the door.

The Crowder Family said...

Wow! Your cake is awesome! You're the best mom ever! I thought the special breakfast was so sweet too! The boys look adorable in their costumes! And I love the picture of Jacob looking for trick-or-treaters!