Monday, October 8, 2012

Outside Halloween Decorations

I decided to do a few fun halloween decorations outside after I saw them on Pinterest, of course :)
I saw this idea and this one and thought it would be cute to put 'eyes' in our hedges.
So fun!
Then I saw this and thought it would be fun in our front window. 
I found these halloween images in ClipArt and printed as large as I could on our printer.
They each were on 4pieces of 8.5x11 paper, so I taped them together and laid them on top of a black poster board, then traced them with lots of pressure using an ink pen, then cut them out, taped to the window, then taped green tissue paper behind the images. 
(The camera makes it look a yellow/orangish color)
Jacob was so excited, and wanted his picture made with them... in his PJs :)
This is what it looks like from the inside :)
Don't worry, this door is locked while the lamp is on so the boys don't try to touch it. 
Oh, and I just love this friendly little ghost in our tree. 
Now that Jacob is older, he gets so excited when I decorate for any holiday, and that makes me so happy!!  :)


Anonymous said...

neat idea!!!!

I'm Cindi... said...

Super, super cute!!! And how cool are those eyes? LOVE it!!

Melody said...

Fun! Caleb was excited when I got our Halloween decorations out also. I love that they like it when we decorate for the holidays.

Kelley said...

Super cute Halloween decor. Jacobs looks like he has grown 2 inches since the last pictures you posted.

Jenny Marrs said...

So fun!!! I've been such a slacker this year! I love the eyes in the hedges! Too cute.

Serge said...

Wow, I was definitely taken by surprise with those big eyes at the garden bush!