Friday, October 26, 2012

New to Us

I participated in the Rhea Lana consignment sale this year and today was their half off sale so I went to take a look at what was left.
Levi is currently obsessed with Thomas the Train.  I saw a pair of Thomas pajamas and knew I had to get them for him - $1.75, score!  Oh, and the Thomas chair he's sitting in?  Meme found that on consignment for around $3 about 4yrs ago.  All the kids have loved it and now Levi does too!
He brings us all the Thomas books we own, and wants us to read to him
And what is he watching on tv?  "Who's that puffing down the tracks?  It's Thomas!!  Hello Thomas!!"  (i've seen it too many times, turn it off!!!)
Look at that little finger!
And Jacob loves the movie Kung Fu Panda so when I saw Poe for $1, I had to get him.
he's sitting next to his left
Remember when we got Plex?   (3yrs ago)
i can't get over how light Jacob's hair was!  even though it's wet in the pic above.
He got Buzz last year for Christmas.
And last summer, I introduced him to Puppy Dog :)
He actually plays with all these stuffed animals.  He has a great imagination!
He has a small table and chairs, and lately he's been throwing one of them a birthday party, and he puts them all in the chairs and asks me if I want to come to the party :)
oh, and sidenote:  to wash the stuffed animals, which I always do if their used, i put them in a pillow case and toss in the washer/dryer.  i guess you could without it, i just don't want to risk it tearing/ripping.  just thought i'd share... 
have a great weekend!


Turner SA said...

Ohhh the Thomas stuff...Manny would be beside himself!! They are both SO cute. Thanks for the tip on washing in a pillowcase - great idea!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oops that last one was me...didn't realize I was still signed in to the silent auction account (gmail).

Kelley said...

You got some great finds! Your little ones are growing up right before our eyes here. So precious!