Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Since Jacob is on this stuffed animal kick (which he calls his plushes.  not sure where he got that), he wants to sleep with all 17 of them every night. 
The other night I tucked him in, and said he could have 3.  So he picked the 3 he wanted, and laid the rest on his table. 
Before heading to bed, I peaked in on him and found him like this.
1).  at some point, he got out of bed and brought all of them back to his bed
2).  but what surprised me the most - he covered himself back up!!  This has to be a first!
If you recall from this post, he rarely uses covers
The other day Levi took an extra long nap, so Jacob and I went into his room to wake him up so he would sleep that night.  But before doing so, I had to grab the camera :)
Love my sleeping babies!

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Emily said...

I love watching my kids sleep! So precious!