Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Photo at the Pumpkin Patch

Our traditional family pumpkin patch photo. 
2008 & 2009
And this year's
So Beth and I were talking about how old the kiddos were our first time here.  And we all thought it was before Luke was born, but we were wrong. 
He was there, too.  At just 4mos  :)

Here are Kate and Jacob that same year (2008)
We didn't make it the year Jacob was born (2007), but we did go to a local church who was selling pumpkins and we plopped the kiddos (babies) in between them :)
where did my bald baby go?? 
And can you believe that sweet baby girl is 6 today!? 
Happy Birthday Kate!  We love you bunches!!

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Katrin said...

It's Katrin from your bible study. Just thought I would stop by and say Hi. Your boys are precious.