Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving...

*our tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert came in the mail this week, so excited!

*my blogger friend, turned in-real-life friend Jenny (yes, we met over the interwebs) told the funniest story I think I've ever read.  Please go here to read for yourself, you will thank me :)  

*speaking of Jenny, I am excited to start a bible study with her and some other ladies next week.
i have prayed that the lord would bring godly women into my life and he is answering my prayer, albeit the internet :)
we will be studying

*even though today was my first day, i am loving the zumba class i had this morning.  
i am in operation get-this-weight-off mode!

*i am loving these big blue eyes

*i am loving him to pieces!!
this was his costume 2 halloweens ago :)

Happy Wednesday!


Erin said...

Mandy read Unglued. Get ready for God to test you! But it will be great - I know.

Kelley said...

My mom is taking a Zumba class too. She is loving it. She is also doing a Bible study and loving it. I know you guys will be blessed by your studies.

Jenny Marrs said...

Aww! you're too sweet! I'm so excited about our study and I'm glad I made you laugh with my insanity!! haha!! And, I'm jealous that you're going to Chris Tomlin. Is he coming to NWA?! We need to discuss... :)