Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our God is Greater

Our church was lucky to host a Chris Tomlin concert last Thursday night.

When I first heard (months ago) that he was coming, I jumped at the chance to get tickets!
We were in the general admission section, so as soon as the doors opened, we sprinted to the front and got seats on the 2nd row ;)   
Here are some not-so-great phone pictures.
 I love his music, but if I had to narrow it down to two that bless me so, I would pick:
1).  Glory in the Highest
I told my friend Melody, who was there also, that if he sings Glory in the Highest I will lose it!
Well he sang for almost 2 hours, but unfortunatley, he did not sing G.I.T.H.  I wanted so badly to shout it out to him, I mean afterall, surely he would hear/see me from the 2nd row and oblige ;) 
2).  I will Rise
When I heard this for the first time, my initial thought was, "if I could sing, this would be my song of choice to sing in church."  My solo if you will :)
Well lucky me, he did sing this, and I went straight into the ugly cry.  I was a mess. 
I could not believe that I was standing so close to Chris Tomlin listening to him sing one of my favorite songs ever.  I soaked it all in and then some.  The Lord blessed me ten fold.
If he is ever in your area, I highly recommend going to see him.  You will not be disappointed.
And thank you Meme for watching the boys for us!


Melody said...

It was definitely a great night. So glad we had the opportunity to see him in concert.

Kelley said...

I bet that was such a wonderful concert! I would have had he ugly cry too. I love his music!

Anonymous said...

glad you got to go and get your cup full and running over, and those boys are so good no problem at all. I love them so...Meme

Jenny Marrs said...

It was such an incredible night!! I wish I could bottle up the energy in that place and carry it with me all the time. So amazing!!