Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Kris had to work on Thanksgiving (boo) so the boys and I drove down to my parents Thanksgiving morning. 
I saw this pin and wanted to make them for all the kiddos.  I think they turned out so cute!
And I must confess, Kris made the 2 bonnets for the girls. He's so crafty! :)
Kid table
Even if it is cheesy, I thought Levi's shirt was cute :)
Plus it was $1.20
Later it was the traditionual ride-every-kid-at-once 4wheeler ride :)
don't worry, Papaw drove like 3mph :)
Then I sat the camera on the 4wheeler for a make-shift tripod and took a group photo on the back porch :)
Luke was not having it!
Then we did one with a silly face, but some people didn't get the memo!
I cannot look at this picture without laughing. 
Poor Luke wanted his picture made with the book.
But Beth said first one without, hence the frown.
Then she gave in :)
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.


Kelley said...

Your pictures are priceless! Love the hats you made! So cute. Little Luke cracks me up.

The Crowder Family said...

The hats are too cute!! And I love the great family pictures on the porch!