Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fireworks at the Crosses

We attend Cross Church and this past Sunday they had fireworks at the crosses.
 I love being in the worship center and looking out the wall of windows at the crosses.  
They are massive!  When you are flying into the airport, you can easily spot them from the sky :)

Before the fireworks, they were 90 people who were baptized at the foot of the crosses!  So amazing!  
There was an estimated 8,000 people who came and filled the surrounding areas to watch the fireworks.  

We met our friends David, Melody and Caleb there and get settled into a nice spot.
There were food vendors and live music.  It was good, quality family time.
Even though chasing Levi became a tad exhausting :)
who is eating in this picture.  only way to contain him!  ha! :)

A rare moment - sitting still!  I promise they were happy to be there :)

Beautiful sky!

Finally it was time for the show!

David's parents were there, and both Caleb and Jacob took a seat in their lap :)

While Levi hung on to dear life with his kung-fu grip :)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!!


Jenny said...

Wow - what a beautiful fireworks show!! I LOVE all your photos....so cool! What a fun family night!!

Kelley said...

That looks wonderful! We won't have anything like it here. We need rain bad!

Shannon said...

I loved the crosses they did at the end. You got a great picture. I love Levi's shirt!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Love seeing the boys in their shirts :)
~Kari Beth