Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Splash Park Fun!

Beth asked if I could watch Kate & Luke for a couple of hours this morning, and since this was one of Kris' days off, I asked if he wanted to take them all to the splash park.  :)
So off we went!  

Then about 10:45am, Lukey asked if we could have a picnic.  
Beth said he looooooves a picnic! :)  

My little man

Lukey was trying to get Jacob to look up and smile :)

Sweet Kate :)

Then we came home and a kid movie was on tv, so they stopped what they were doing and took a seat.
Do they look a little tired? :)

Him too :)

Good times!


kimmie said...

What a fun day!! They all look so it!

Beth said...

love these pics. Thank you so much for taking them to the splash park. They love Aunt Sissy.