Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our almost kindergartener

In 34 short days, Kris and I will be walking our first born, Jacob, into his kindergarten classroom.
I'm teary-eyed just envisioning that day.  I would've never described myself as sappy or mushy, but then I had kids.  :)
I now cry at commercials.  Have you seen this one?  Tear jerker!!  
I mean I go into the ugly cry!

I've been trying to reminisce those first few weeks after we brought Jacob home from the hospital.
I remember walking through the door, laying him down in his crib and watching him sleep.
Then I said, "now what?"  :)  

His time as an only child seems like many moons ago.  Feels like he's always been a big brother.
He makes me laugh like no one can, he makes me shake my head too.  ;)
He has crazy hair, a tender...

yet stubborn heart :)  
But I know he was fearfully and wonderfully made!

Today he said a couple of things I want to remember:
He asked me to play with him, and before I could even answer, he said, "I love being with you."
AHH, melt my heart!!

Later I was running to Walmart and I asked him if he wanted to go with me (or stay home with Kris).
He said, "I'll stay here and watch the house."
Thank you Mr. Big Boy!!

momma loves you forever and always


Shannon said...

Awe! So sad! I am not looking forward to this day! Although, I cannot lie that during these "terrific" twos I might dream about it. haha!

Kelley said...

He is so precious! I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten so soon! He will do great! You will too. It will be an emotional day.