Monday, July 9, 2012

4th fun & Videos

Last week on the 4th, the boys and I headed over to my parents' house (up here) for a cookout (Kris had to work).  My sister, Beth, and her bunch met us too.  

A dessert my mom made for the kiddos was red/blue jello with cool whip - so festive.
Here is my nephew Luke.  So cute and getting so big!

And Levi enjoying some too!

All the grands with their patriotic shirts!

And on a very random note... Jacob has been obsessed with watching YouTube videos of Thomas the Train and the movie Cars.  However, they are not actually episodes from the show/movie itself...  they are homemade videos of little boys rolling their cars/trains around their house.  Basically someone is filming a kid playing with their toys.  And my Jacob loves it!!  And surprisingly, there are LOTS of them to watch.  
He would sit for hours content as could be watching them.  

So the other day he lined up his collection of Cars and asked if I wanted to come take a look.  
As I was walking into his room a thought hit me, "grab the video camera."
So I did, and I filmed him for ELEVEN minutes showing me his Car collection.
To say he was excited was an understatement!  

The only thing I told him was to tell me his name, age and where he lived.  So that's how he started the video and one by one, he showed me every single car, told me their name and what they did.
Once he was finished, he said on his own, "that's my collection, thanks for watching."  
I wonder where he's heard that?  :)

So I uploaded his video to YouTube and he is now watching himself.  
Is that not the funniest thing you've ever heard?   :)
I had to take a pic!
Look at the smile on his face :)
And can you see him on the screen?
So funny!

And if you have 11mins to spare, here is a link to the video :)

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Jenny said...

Oh that is adorable!!!! The boys love those Thomas videos - and you're right, they're just kiddos playing with their toys!! Okay- I'm going to show Jacob's debut to the boys! Love it!! Ha!