Monday, July 16, 2012

Misc. Monday

*Saturday night Kris and I had a date night. Beth was kind enough to watch the boys!

She texted me these pictures and of course made me smile!

*She also watched them for me a couple of weeks ago while I attended a Thirty-One party.  So nice having my sister 5miles from me who is always eager to lend a hand.  
Captain Levi! :) 

*I wonder what he's thinking here :)

*Found him on my unmade bed watching tv like this 

*And on a depressing note, my car has decided to die.  I'm talking, won't stay started, makes crazy noises, every light on the dashboard is lit.  Who knows what's wrong with it!  
But Kris is determined to find out!  
Glad we had the grease pit installed :)
Jacob wanted in there with his daddy so bad!  Instead he settled for watching from above.

**Update:  it was the alternator.  a new one has been installed and she is good to go.
I hope! :)
Sure is nice to be married to a handyman!


Anonymous said...

Glad your storm shelter worked for Kris, its handy to have. love those boys!!!

Lenette Sparacino said...

Hi! It's nice to "meet" someone else who lives in Bentonville! My son is very big on super heroes as well! Thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself!

Jenny said...

yay for date night!! :) love the photos!

Kelley said...

That storm shelter is handy! I got tickled seeing your hubby's head poke out from it! That is great for duo jobs now! So glad you have Beth!

Kelley said...

Not duo, dual