Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silly Sleeper

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I got up and went to the living room.  
And like I always do, I peaked into Jacob's room because he sleeps with his door open and a bright night light, so I can easily make him out.  This kid never sleeps in the right position.  
No pillow, no covers...
I noticed I cut his head off, and I started to take another photo, but he started moving, so I darted :)
One of these days I'll do a collage of all his crazy positions. :)


Kelley said...

He is so cute!

Shannon said...

So funny! I love taking pictures of my kids sleeping too. :)

I put Westin's measurements on the growth chart with a Sharpie pen. YOu can't really see them unless you are up close which I kind of like. :)