Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Program

I just love all the cute little keepsakes Jacob brings home from school.  
I can't wait to add this one to his file box.

Today was Jacob's Thanksgiving Program at school, his first ever.
He walked in wearing his hat proud!

"Hey mom!"

He did a really good job singing all the songs.

"Alright, show's over"

Proud of himself :)

Momma, Daddy, Meme and Levi were proud of you too, little Pilgrim!


Kelley said...

Absolutely precious! Sweet little pilgrim!

His Doorkeeper said...

Well, there is nothing I LOVE more than little kids' programs!!! Can't wait till I can be a proud nonny and go see Harper in one!! LOL

Your little Jacob was a doll in his program in his little hat ! Loved how he turned around and waved and you got that picture!

Ya'll have a blessed Thanksgiving!