Friday, November 11, 2011

Storing School Paperwork

I came across this idea on Pinterest on how to organize your child's {keepsake} school work and just knew I had to make one for each of my boys!!  

Now that Jacob is in Pre-K, he brings home lots of cute paperwork, so this works perfect.  

Her version is better color coordinated than mine, but it works ;)
I got my file box at Office Depot.

I love the free labels you download to make a folder for each grade!

What's just as cute is a cover sheet per folder/grade!!!  Also a free download!!

Jacob had school pictures a couple of weeks ago, the above is a sneak peak.  :)
More on that later.  

Isn't this great?!  I just love it!  I'm all about a free printable!  Go check it out! :)


Kelley said...

That is awesome! I will have to try it! Jacob's picture is so cute!

Emily said...

I love this idea. I will need to remember when my two are starting school.

Jacquie said...

Great idea! I have a whole cedar chest full of the boys paperwork in huge binders (one for each year). Oh my - they are going to have a lot of stuff to go through some day.

PS - Caught up on your blog! Yikes!

Jessica said...

Oh, what a great idea! I love this! : ) And, no- you are not weird at all to notice handwriting. I taught Literacy for years and I ADORED pretty handwriting in my classes. You pretty much just made my whole week by saying that!! : )

Melody said...

Finally got mine made, thanks for sharing the idea.