Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Pictures

As I mentioned in my last post, Jacob's pre-school had pictures made a few weeks ago, and I thought his turned out so cute!
{I apologize for what looks like fuzz on his sweater.  Apparently the glass on the scanner needs cleaning!  HA!}

They were so kind to let me bring Levi and let him get his picture made with big brother.
I cannot look at this picture and not laugh!!!!
The crinkled nose gets me every time!!!!   

Oh boys, momma loves you so!!!!


Beth said...

Oh Lord...laughed so hard. That nose is hilar. love it, love them.

Kate said...

Loved it too ! bwahahaha! :D I also laugh each time I look at my childhood pictures.No matter how pretty or handsome one looks after growing up but the kiddo look is always cuter!
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His Doorkeeper said...

Oh, You have the cutest little boys! I could just squeeze those little sweet cheeks! Kim, you are a blessed young woman! Thanks for the comment on my blog and I will see Jacquie today and tell her to get back to blogging!!!


Kelley said...

I think those are great school pictures! What a blessing they are! I tell you I got tickled with the last one! So cute.