Saturday, November 5, 2011

Final First Friday

Last night was the final First Friday at our downtown Square.

With the toyland theme, you can imagine how many kids were there!  It was very over whelming!
Every parent was constantly making sure they had their kids!
Between all the corralling, I was able to snap a few pics.

Jacob saw this exact same toy in the toy catalog by Target, and naturally wants it for Christmas.
But I can probably guess Santa isn't going to bring it with its $60 price tag.

The Power Rangers were there, not sure if Jacob knew who they were.

Batman was there too!

Got to see a really big crayon :)

Kate sorta got her picture made with Barbie :)

'Big' Little People

We have this same dog at home, but a tad smaller ;)

The highlight {and our main reason for going} was to see Mater!

And McQueen!

They were roped off, so we couldn't get next to them for a picture, but we sure did try!

Jacob asked me if McQueen talked.  hehe!
The place was NUTS, but I'm glad they got to see them.

p.s.  Thank you Levi for being a great sport and sitting so well in your stroller while momma whipped you around shoulder-to-shoulder crowds and maneuvered you over heavy electrical cords which may have caused some whip lash.  You're the best!


Kelley said...

That looks like so much fun! MY girls would love something like that!

Brittany said...

That looks so fun! wish they did something like that in fayetteville!

Beth said...

Looks like fun! Who were those other cutie pies in the pics w/Jacob? :). I didn't even know Levi was there!

Shannon said...

I saw this on the news Friday night. I wish I would have known about it! Westin and his cousins would have loved it. :)