Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Saturday, Beth and her kiddos came over for a visit.
I thought we would bust out the mini-donut pan.
I had some very eager little helpers.

Both me and Kate are sporting the hairnet courtesy of Meme.
Kate has on an apron of mine, and Jacob is wearing the next best thing... a large bib.  :)
Lukie did not want his picture taken.  

They each cracked an egg, held the mixer, and helped pour the batter into the pan.
Well, we put too much batter into the pan and ended up with muffins instead of mini donuts.  Oh well.
I think we all had fun.

Today we had a cookout over at Beth's and the kids played in the pool and bouncy house.
Levi discovered her coffee table :)
I actually forgot to take any pictures other than the above which Kris captured.  

Off to read the Kindle.  
Have a wonderful week!

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Kelley said...

What a fun time with the kids. I love that you guys get together so often. That is wonderful. Levi is growing so much.