Monday, May 23, 2011


Levi, my little honey bun, you are 11mos old today.
This is such a FUN stage!!  

Some things you are up to:
*you weigh 21 lbs
*wear size 3 diaper
*wear 12, 12-18mo shirts/rompers/pajamas/shorts
*crawling everywhere, walking around furniture, and pulling yourself up to anything
*started using the walker (that you push), should get the hang of it real quick
*can wave hi or bye-bye on request
*saying ma-ma (LOVE IT!), da-da and bye-bye
*down to 1 good nap a day, which in turn, you sleep all night (knock on wood)
*started giving open-mouth kisses (aka slobbers!)
*haven't met a food you don't like.  introduced you to Meme's mashed potatoes which you love!
*you are a pro with a sippy cup.  had it a few times with juice
*your sweet face lights up when we pick you up from daycare, and you drop what you're doing and immediately crawl to us.
{these monthly pictures are getting harder to take, good thing there's only 1 left}

You are the best baby ever!  Everyone tells me that you are never upset and hardly cry, which is true.
I wish every new parent could experience you as their first baby.  It would be such a breeze for them.
I read many blogs of moms with babies who get up every hour or two at night, who fuss all day, who cry for no reason for long periods of time, and I just have to say that has never been you.  KNOCK ON WOOD!
We have it made, and we don't take it for granted!!!

Thank you for an amazing 11 months!!
We love you bunches!!!


Beth said...

love his hair!

Kelley said...

What a sweet boy! I did have that easy baby first! Mady is awesome don't get me wrong, but in the beginning she would cry for no reason. She still doesn't sleep through the night. (So hard when you are working.) I knew my second child would be harder because MK was such a breeze. Mady loves to snuggle and loves on people more than MK did.

Brittany said...

almost ONE!!!