Sunday, May 22, 2011

Around here lately

I thought the boys looked extra cute before church this morning.

Jacob looks so big :(

And so does Levi :(
{Just so you know, I would never button the top button.  Kris Key did that}

Modeling his Woody slippers

Beth and her munchkins came over Friday.  Kate asked if she could hold Levi.
I think he's half her weight!  She loves him so!

This picture makes me laugh, Levi is just chillin'

Silly Luke

One night last week both Kris and I had our heads buried in the laptop.
I asked him if he put Jacob to bed.  He said no, I thought you did.
Whoops!  Little guy fell asleep in our bed.  Parents of the year!

Levi has been making so many new expressions.  I don't even think this looks like him :)

First it was Pink Eye, then Jacob came down with 5th Disease.
Can't really tell in this picture, but his cheeks, arms and legs were covered with a rash.

Looking forward to this week:
*Biggest Loser finale
*American Idol finale (even though I don't care who wins at this point)
*Wednesday night having dinner with 2 old friends (they're not old, we've just known each other 14yrs!)
*last day of work (more on that later)


Kelley said...

Your boys are so cute! I love their expressions. Beth's kids are cute too. This week I am getting ready for Mady's first birthday.

kimmie said...

All the pics of the boys are too their outfits for church!! I can't get over how much Levi is growing up...I will have to not blink once Ryder gets here!

Jacquie said...

Cute photos. Last day of work? Hmmm!