Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicago Trip Part 1

We had a great time in Chicago!
I won't lie, we froze!!  It was 20 degrees below the average normal.
Should have been in the 60s and it was in the 40s, and rainy, and windy!!

We managed to have plenty on our agenda, despite the weather.  
First up, lunch on Friday!  Delish!
We walked around town and hit a few shops.
I bought this cute mini donut pan from Crate and Barrell.  Can't wait to use.  

Friday night was dinner at Gino's Pizza!  Probably my favorite of the weekend!  

Kris being silly outside the Apple store.  Wanted to hit the Weber Grill Restaurant, but didn't make it, and outside Gino's Pizza.

Saturday was our anniversary and we hit Millennium Park, the Navy Pier and had a Chicago Dog!
The dog was split between 6 of us!

While at the Park, we saw 'The Bean'.  I think it's been in some movies, but can't recall which.
Taking your picture in it is a must.

Speaking of movies, have you seen the 80s classic 'Adventures in Babysitting' ?
One of my absolute faves!!!  Remember when the little girl is sliding on the ledge outside a building?
This is it!

I didn't watch Married with Children when it was on, but this is the fountain in the opening credits.
The Art Institute of Chicago

We also went to the Science and Industry Museum (this is a bad pic of it)

Inside it, we went to the Body Worlds exhibit.
It was a little creepy knowing those were real live bodies at one point!
We also saw actual organs (lungs of a smoker, lungs with cancer, etc...)
{something to do while raining outside}

The museum itself was huge.

Even in the crazy cold, the streets were lined with beautiful flowers.

Did you ever watch ER?  This reminded me of some of the scenes of them hitching a ride on the "L".

Here we are hiking to the Sears tower.  Recap of that next!


Beth said...

Great recap! Your pictures turned out great!

Melody said...

Great pictures! I'm so ready for our next trip. Are we meeting at your house this weekend to plan it (ha)?

Kelley said...

Those are terrific pictures! It looks like so much fun!