Sunday, November 29, 2009

Watchin Lukee

I watched Luke today while they went to the AR basketball game. They brought him over, and he fell asleep in the car, but woke up once he got inside. So I figured he would eventually need a nap at some point.

He got a second wind and played real good around the house. He was very intrigued by the Christmas decorations. I just had to tell him no 20 times. Not bad compared to the 100 I tell Jacob.

*look at his handprints on the fireplace

He makes me laugh. Here he is standing on a truck. Little short legs.

Later I found him laying by the front door. Not sure if he wanted to go home or if he was getting tired.

I got him nice and snug to watch Dora with Jacob, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he was out. Love a sleeping baby!!

We had fun with you today Luke. Come back soon!! We love you!!!

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Pittman said...

thanks for watching Luke! we appreciate it. Luke loves his Aunt Sissy.