Friday, November 20, 2009

Something's Missing

Kris put Jacob to bed last night and since it's getting colder, I asked him to put a pair of socks on him--even though he's wearing footed PJs. I can't stand the thought of him being cold since he doesn't keep a blanket on himself, so the socks are a little extra warmth.

We also put a Pampers on him at night before bed so he doesn't leak. We've done this forever...

This morning, Kris gets Jacob out of bed and starts to dress him. He unzips his PJs and sees no diaper. Yes folks, Kris took Jacob's Parent's Choice diaper off, put socks on him and zipped him back up without a Pampers.

Jacob went to bed commando!

Father of the Year, Kris!

p.s. Jacob was dry this morning, thank goodness! And yes, we need to potty train - I know this.

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