Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Decor

Sorry 2 readers, I am a terrible blogger. I honestly don't feel like I have anything interesting to share. We did put up the Christmas tree last weekend, so here are a few pictures of that day.

This is Jacob's 3rd Christmas, but this is the first year that he's really noticed the tree. The last 2yrs he never once touched the tree, this year I cannot keep his hands off of it. He is OBSESSED! He wants to touch every.single.ornament. Look at the excitement building up in this picture, so much that he is gritting his teeth!

Beth and Kate popped by later that afternoon. We were putting the finishing touches on the tree, and Kate wanted to help. She was so good about suggesting where to put the final ornaments. Look at Kate still in her Sunday best - such a cute dress, and notice her necklace. I on the other hand look like I've been hit with the ugly stick. This is what I call the "I wear makeup, fix my hair every day for work, so not today Sunday" look.

I would show a picture of the entire tree, but I cannot find my tree skirt. Where could it be, and why isn't it with the rest of the Christmas decorations?! Either it's by itself somewhere or I have a whole other box of decorations hiding somewhere.

Hobby Lobby is my FAVORITE store for seasonal decorations! Last year after Christmas, they had their Christmas 90% off. This little number was $99.99! Who would pay full price for this?! Not me, I got it for $9! BOO-YAH!

These 2 and the sled came from there too, but I've had them for a while. Still one of my faves!

Santa plate and another cute little Santa

Here is a $5 cookie jar I got at the WM Associate Store

I thought this guy was cute

What's that... another Santa

Can you tell I like the plush? :)


The Robinsons said...

that's a cute picture of jacob. i have the exact same cookie jar, got it at sam's last year. the boo-yah gave me a good laugh.

Beth said...

Love the pic of Jacob. So funny. You have such a pretty tree.