Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ice Cream and Father's Day

Saturday night Meme and Papaw came over.
Jacob was so excited!

After dinner I heard the ice cream truck outside.
Meme and Papaw chased him down with a shoeless Jacob

What a fun summer-time memory to make!

Funny story:  As I was walking down towards the van, I overhear Meme saying to the driver, "it's his birthday."  I thought now why would she say that, is she trying to get a free ice cream??  

Then it dawned on both of us, she was confusing Jacob for Luke!  Silly Meme!  Wrong kid!


Kris celebrated Father's Day this year with 2 boys!
{Levi was happy, I promise!}

There's a smile!

At church, Jacob made this cute keepsake!
{not sure why both prints are of his right hand?}

Also Happy Father's Day to my dad,  Papaw.

I just had to throw this cute picture in of sweet cousins.


Kelley said...

Those are great pics. We love the ice cream truck too. MK loves it! Levi looks adorable.

Jacquie said...

Just got caught up on your blog! Way behind.

I can't get over how tall Levi is getting.

Are you liking the Karen Kingsberry books??

kimmie said...

Ohhhh...Maddox has those pajamas Jacob has on!! I love the pic of Levi...where you said he's happy i promise....too cute!!!

Thank you for all your sweet comments!! I am in 7th heaven!!! I love saying "my boys"!! It is taking a little adjusting for all of us but we are adjusting fast. I won't to bottle this time of my life up!!

Hope you are having a great summer...I am sorry I don't get to comment a lot on your blog but I love following you and your sweet family!! :)