Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the boys lately

Oh yes you are!!!   :)

He looks so big here, he was lovin' the big boy chair

We put Levi in the swing for the first time (not sure why that took so long)

He didn't know what to think at first, but then decided he liked it :)
So much that I went and got the video camera because he was giggling so much!

I've been trying to get him to use the walker more

Sometimes he pushes it while on his knees!
I hope he's not a late walker like his brother!

Speaking of brother, I bought Jacob a hat since he always wants to wear Kris'.
I think it makes him look so much older :(

He said take my picture with this face

And this one too

Love my little stinkers!!


Beth said...

look at the muscles on Levi! Love it.

Kelley said...

They are so sweet! I love Levi's grin! Jacob looks so much holder in that hat.

amywelborn said...

So cute in the swing!!! So glad all the rain is gone so we can play outside!!!! Cute boys as always!;)

Jammie said...

Your boys are sooo cute! Love reading your blog. Hope you don't mind I stole some ideas from you.

Brittany said...

couldn't be any cuter~~