Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Recap

Saturday was Luke's birthday party at Jump Zone.
It's filled with huge inflatables that kids (and adults) love.  

Jacob had only been 1 other time, but when I told him where we were going, he was immediately excited!
Now Jacob is a very cautious kid.  He is not a dare devil at all, so climbing up the large inflatables and sliding down really fast is a little scary.  

He got to the top of this one, which I thought was a big deal for him, but then didn't want to come down.

So Melody took one for the team, and went up there too.

Jacob isn't so sure...

... that wasn't so bad.

Mel's turn!  I'd say she liked it! :)

Birthday boy!

Levi had fun riding around in this little car.  

All the little munchkins

Time for some pizza and cake!

Sweet little Luke!

Loving the cake!

Loving Levi!

Cannot believe he is already 3!

Good times!


Beth said...

good times. LOve love love the pic of melody on the slide. We actually have a video of it, I gotta get that on the blog. Also, I didn't see anywhere in your recap about Levi left in a corner of his car....
Love that pic of you and Levi. So good.

Kelley said...

Those are precious pictures! It looks like he had a fun birthday! I know by the look on Jacob's face he loved Luke's birthday. Jump Zone seems like a fun place. RSLV now has 2 jumps places. The kids really like it because now there is something fun for them to do.

Melody said...

I'm with Beth I kept waiting for a update on Levi's adventures at the party :-). Thanks for posting the crazy pic of me coming down the slide that was a real nice shot (not). Ahhh, good times......

Shannon said...

I love the picture of the winking birthday boy! Sooo cute! Did y'all end up going to the splash park yet? Westin was more interested in escaping so it might be awhile before we head back. :)