Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Catch Up

Just a few things going on around here....

Jacob was playing outside and clever Levi stood on his little couch to watch.
I did raise the blinds for him :)

We've brought out some of Jacob's toys that he played with when he was younger.
Levi has been enjoying them all.

This little monkey is also taking some long naps these days.
I had to wake him up today so he would sleep tonight!

He's been resting his little piggies on the high chair while he eats, I think it's so cute.

Saturday morning me and the boys met Beth, Kate and Luke at the Farmer's Market.
They had a little Artsy area for the kiddos.  They enjoyed playing in the sand.

Sweet Kate

Silly Luke (even the worker commented on his smile!)

Jacob LOVED this!  I could have left him there all day!
I might put one of these in our backyard.  It's just sand in a shallow storage container.  

"Mean momma won't let me play in the sand"  :(

So when we eat, Levi is like a little puppy dog and will 'beg' for a bite.  It was cute at first, but starting to get a tad old.
And yes, the boy has already ate!  When Jacob is eating, he will always ask me to get Levi.  
One day I had a bright idea, and Jacob loved it! :)

I laughed so hard!  Good times!

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Kelley said...

Your boys are so cute! There are some awesome opportunities for kids in NWA.