Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pay it Forward!

This can definitely be done in YOUR community too!  :)
Just might make someone's day!  

Drive-Thru Difference Day
It starts with one random act of kindness, and soon it’s a movement that takes over Northwest Arkansas!  KLRC’s Drive Thru Difference Day is coming on Thursday, November 11th.

As a part of KLRC's Pay It Forward, you're invited to join the movement of Drive-Thru Difference Day!  All day we'll invade Northwest Arkansas drive-thru lanes with simple acts of generosity.

It's simple to get involved.  First, download our official Drive-Thru Difference Day Note and cut it out.  Then, on Thursday, November 11th, take a trip through the drive-thru and tell the attendant that you'd like to pay for the person behind you in line.  Ask them if they would pass the note on to them with their food order.
If you'd like, you can call us at 877-KLRC-101 to tell us about your Drive-Thru Difference Day experience!  Be sure to listen all day long to hear stories from others about how they saw random acts of kindness throughout Northwest Arkansas.
You never know how your simple gift could help someone find the greatest gift we've ever known.


Jacquie said...

Great idea!! How fun, too.

Kelley said...

That is a great idea!