Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Memories

Since this blog is also my scrapbook, I want to jot down a few things I'm lovin' about being a mom:

*Feeding Levi.  I can't describe the feeling of feeding a hungry baby.  Blesses my heart to do so.
*Watching Jacob play with his toys.  He will entertain himself for hours and have conversations with himself!
*Listening to Levi breathe in my ear. 
*Jacob singing.  Melts my heart.
*Watching Levi sleep with his little mouth open.  So peaceful.
*Jacob saying please, thank you, excuse me, bless you.  So polite.
*Levi discovering new things.
*Jacob asking, "mommy, can I help you?" when he sees me doing laundry or dishes.  
*Levi's giggle.  Makes me so happy!

I love being their Momma!  I can't believe they're mine!

Here is a recent connversation with Jacob:

Me:  Tucking in Jacob for the night, bend down give kisses and say, "I love you."
Jacob:  "I love you more."
Melt this momma's heart!

Me:  What was that?
Jacob:  That's my butt, it makes noise.  

Never a dull moment with him!  :)


The Robinsons said...

so sweet. they are keepers.

Ross and Kate said...

Sweet days with sweet boys! It was good to see you and chat for a little bit on Tuesday!

Jacquie said...

You will be SO glad you documented in posts like this. Time will get away and things you think you'll never forget will fade from your memory. Those Mommy moments are precious - I just told Tyler and Daisy the other day that the sweetest moments came when I was feeding my babies at bedtime. LOVED that.

That Jacob is cracking me up!

Kelley said...

That Jacob is a pistol! I love it! Levi and Jacob look so cute in their jerseys!

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