Tuesday, November 16, 2010

God is Good!!

All the praise and glory to God!
Levi had a wonderful follow up Echo today.
The cardiologist said there is no leakage in the valve and the pressure measuring inside the valve is 14, which is practically normal, when before it was measuring 30.  
In the words of the doctor, "he is doing great!"

Backing up a bit... on Sunday we went to my parents church and had Levi dedicated.
My sister was doing double duty with both the camera and video camera, so this is the best we got :)
Another big shout out of thanks for Beth for driving down for the day just to be there for this special moment. 

Me and my little man

My loves.  Jacob looks thrilled and Levi looks a tad scared.  
{Kris had already changed clothes so he didn't make the picture.  lol}

Meme's turn

Sunday night, we went back to church and towards the end we took Levi up for prayer for today's doctor appointment.  It was such a blessing to have the outpouring of love and prayers.  I was extremely blessed!!
And obviously there is power in prayer given the news we received today. :)

Once we were back at my parents, Jacob found Meme's makeup 

Little man in Papaw's big chair

I cannot express enough thanks for praying once again with me for Levi.
It is such a comfort knowing prayers from many are going up for our little fella.  
And the fact I can ask you to join me in prayer, and you never hesitate.  
I thank you.
{thought we'd try the Woody hat on Levi.  I think he liked it.}


Kelley said...

I had been waiting to hear this good news! I am so excited! That is awesome. The boys look so cute in the pictures! Love the hat on Levi.

Jacquie said...

Such a great report!!!

I love the pictures... you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

kimmie said...

God is Good!!! That is so Awesome to hear!! We serve the great Healer!! Your boys are just too cute!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my pregnancy post!!