Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweet Moments

I just love these sweet, tender moments.
For the most part, they actually get a long. 
I hope that continues over the years ;)
Jacob brings tons of school work home, and I can't keep it all. 
I do go through each piece, and if it's something super-duper precious, then it goes into his file box.  And this certainly did!
I would grow french toast.  And I would also grow a friend :)  metl.my.heart!
I thought Levi looked so sweet watching big brother during his swim lessons.
Afterwards, we were driving home, and I heard Levi say, "wook at me." 
I turned around and saw this :)  Silly boy!
One of Jacob's favorite places to eat is Steak 'n Shake.
Ironically, he's not a fan of burgers.  He orders the mini corndogs! 
And yes, I know I can make those at home!
This little guy can put away a cheeseburger :)
everytime i look at this picture, he looks about 7 to me!  ahhh!!!
We let them share a junior chocolate shake.

But I'm not sure there was much sharing! :)
I could eat them both up!


Erin said...

Could your kids be more adorable?

Jenny Marrs said...

oh, they are so sweet! doesn't it just melt your heart when they are getting along and being sweet to each other?!? LOVE those moments! :)

Let's seriously get our boys together soon! it's been too long!! We miss you guys!

Cindi said...

Oh SO precious!!! Oh how I love Steak n Shake. I so wish we had one in Ttown.

Kelley said...

How precious are they? Oh my goodness. I loved seeing their pictures and expressions.