Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recent Phone Pics

Once again, I have phone pictures to share. 
I'm good about having our big camera within reach, but a few of these I wanted to text to Beth, so I had to use my phone.
Speaking of Beth, I watched her monkeys while they had a date night and celebrated 9yrs of marriage. 
Love these two so much!!
Our neighborhood had a garage sale last weekend, and we usually participate.
Jacob looooves to have one, I guess he enjoys watching people buy our junk stuff. :)
Levi was quite the entertainer during the sale.
Thought about shipping him to Meme's house.  :)
Today was a hat day at Jacob's school.  I thought he looked so cute!
Too bad Kris' hat didn't make it home :/  Supposedly it's in his cubby.  We shall see!
And he's at it again... writing letters.  :)
He makes me laugh!


Jenny Marrs said...

I'm the same way - I always have my phone! It's so much easier than the big camera! :)

I can't believe I missed a neighborhood garage sale!!! UGH... I love that sort of thing! Next year, I'm there!

That note is ADORABLE! Seriously. How sweet!!!

Kelley said...

Jacob is writing so well! Your pictures are so cute! I use my phone camera too!