Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Last Transition

We have never had a reason to transition Levi out of his crib into a big-boy bed.
He never climbed in or out.
In the mornings, after waking up, he would lay patiently until we came after him.
Never yelled for us or cried out for us.
We had it made.
He would still be in it even though he's about to turn 3 in June.
However, we're going on vacation in June and he will be sleeping in a regular bed, so I figured we should get him used to it before then.
So before Kris tore down the crib, I wanted one last picture of Levi in it.
I think he thought I was leaving him in there, so tears immediately followed.
"calm down little man, momma just wants a picture."
And so it began :(
Jacob was so excited that Levi was getting a big-boy bed.
We sold his crib and changing table to a local thrift store, otherwise we could've gotten a headboard out of his crib.  So until I find one, he will be without.  But I don't think he minds :)

He's in mismatched sheets/comforter, but does that matter to a 2.5yr old? 
And guess who wanted in there with him?
Jacob wants to sleep with Levi so bad.  But because he:
*flops like a fish all night
*gets up before Levi
*and this being the very first night
I figured Levi would try it out by himself. 
Plus if they start sleeping together, how many years will that go on??  Should I care?
He's already been up 5 times tonight. Each time I closed the door behind me, so the last time I kept it open and so far he's stayed in there. 
We'll see if I wake up to a Levi inches away from my face in the morning :)


Erin said...

Hope it well. We moved H when we moved. I just thought that might be the easiest, new house = new bed. He is still struggling some, but it isn't as bad as I thought it could be. Aren't they growing up too fast?

Cindi said...

Ahhh...the big boy bed! So much fun! I hope he's doing great with the change (and you too). :)

Jenny Marrs said...

Oh my! SUCH a big transition! How is it that they grow up so fast??! :( Love the pictures!!!!

Kelley said...

That's a big step! To keep my girls from both waking up, I put Mady with MK in her room. MK has a trundle bed. Mady gets the trundle part. It has been good so far.

The Crowder Family said...

Wow! Levi is such a big boy! I'm going to move Jackson when we move next month, and I'm so nervous! Levi is too cute--especially in the picture where he's sleeping on the floor next to his bed!