Sunday, December 2, 2012

North Pole Breakfast {Welcome back, Henry!}

If you're on Pinterest (and if you're not I don't know why!) you've probably seen the North Pole Breakfast pin which welcomes back your Elf for the year.  The talented lady behind this has some super-cute ideas, and I was excited to create my own version for the boys.   
Henry, our elf, brought the boys a gingerbread cookie mix.  Jacob was so excited! 
He loves to help in the kitchen!
is this mailbox not the cutest!?  i bought it last year after christmas on clearance for $.50 at Big Lots!
I found this cute little candy-cane pot at the Salvation Army this week for $1.25.  I love a thrift store - never know what you'll find!
Inside are snowman-shaped marshmallows.  The little elf is from Walmart.
I thought these santa picks were cute!
Yummy donuts!
And reindeer donuts :)  Idea found here
I found this cute elf scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby, and Henry used it to write a letter to both the boys :)
It's kinda hard to read vellum :)
Oh, and the cheap chair covers are from Deals.
I got the cute stocking lights from Big Lots last year for $1. 
If you can't tell, I love to shop after the holiday for the next year.
The sweet smiles on their face is the very reason why I do this. 

I just love creating these sweet memories with my boys!


Melody said...

Super cute! Love the chair covers.

kimmie said...

This is just the cutest thing ever!!! Wolfe will have to have a breakfast next year!!

Jenny Marrs said...

You're so creative! LOVE this!! I just stuck our elf up in a tree on the table and said, "oh look! an elf!" hahaha... I have to admit the whole elf thing creeps me out a little but the boys did think it was fun and I think it will be fun to find him in a new spot every day :). And, our boys named him "Bob" in "bob, the builder." Awesome.

This is obviously MUCH more creative and festive :). Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Kimberley- this is so fun!! I'm totally jealous of your creativity. I'm with Jenny- mine just gets stuck up on a shelf and Logan gets excited just to find it every day.
Yours is so much more fun!

The Crowder Family said...

What a sweet idea! I wish I had been at the breakfast--yum!! I may have to steal your cuteness and do a North Pole Breakfast later in the month. I always love seeing your boys too--their smiles really are precious!

Shannon said...

So cute!! Everything looked so adorable! And what/where is Deals?? Sounds like my kinda store! :)

Kelley said...

So Precious! I love it!

I'm Cindi... said...

Look how awesome this is! I've got to let Oscar know he needs to step it up a little bit next year when he makes his return. :)