Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite Things Party {Christmas Edition}

Last night I hosted a Favorite Things Party at my house. The ladies and I had so much fun!
I saw this idea on Pinterest last year, and knew I wanted to throw my own someday.  

All you do is think of something you love that's under $5.
Bring 5 of those, and draw names to see who goes home with your item.
It's really neat to see what everyone brings!

Like she did, I made a bag for everyone to use to collect their items.

I downloaded the tag from this site.

The spread
Beth made the yummy ham and cheese sandwiches using this recipe.  Thank you sissy for bringing those!

Hot pepper jelly over a cream cheese christmas tree :)

A couple of other big hits was this dip - you must try!

And this crock-pot hot chocolate recipe.  Soooo good!!  You'll never have the store-bought packet again!
I made these little dippers for stirring.  

The cookie jar held our names

I saw this game on pinterest and thought it would be so fun!

Thanks for humoring me ladies!  I know most people hate games at parties, but this was fun :)


Here Leslie is trying to explain her drawing, it was so funny!
The winner received an ornament and gift card from hobby lobby.  Emily (pink shirt) won! :)

Here are the Favorite Things I received :)
I technically didn't 'win' the nail polish, but Beth was kind enough to bring an extra :)
My favorite item that I gave was a package of Sharpie pens.  

I had a lot of people who couldn't make it due to conflicting schedules or of sickness, so I think I might do another in the spring.  You can host your own any time of the year, not necessarily just at Christmas.  
Put this in your back pocket and remember the next time you want to invite some friends over :)

Thank you Beth, Melody, Leslie, Emily and Jenny for a super-fun evening!


Anonymous said...

Look like you all had a good time!!! oh what fun,,

Kim said...

Looks like a blast! I love the bags.

Anonymous said...

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