Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Henry, the Elf

Henry, our elf on the shelf, is having a lot of fun around the house.

Kris has fun with it too :)

Can't believe he toilet papered our tree :)

How did he get up there?

Jacob really liked this one :)
Levi doesn't understand the whole don't touch the elf or he'll lose his magic, so we have to keep him out of his reach.  We gave in and did this one, and sure enough, Levi was walking around holding Henry.
Luckily Jacob was at school otherwise his little world would have crumbled :)

Every morning after Jacob finds him, he always says he's such a silly elf :)
Thank goodness Christmas is close.  Ideas are running thin around here :)


Kelley said...

What cute things your elf does? MK loves our elf too! She looks for it everyday. Sure deters some behaviors. ha!

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