Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo Challenge: Inside Your Closet

While this will be a boring post, I thought I would still participate. :)
Here is looking head on from the bathroom into our closest.

Once inside with the door shut.
I have my flip flops and sandals on the back of the door.

Inside looking toward the other end
Kris needs to straighten his shoes!  

I probably wear only 20% of what's in here.  I need to do some deep purging!
One trick I heard was to face all your hangers backwards, and as you wear something face it the right way.
At the end of the year, anything left facing backwards you should toss (donate).  

I'm the type who hangs on to things for 'just in case'.  Never know when I'll need _____.  
Know what I mean? 

My favorite thing in my closet is the hook rack Kris hung for me for my necklaces.  
You could use this to hang scarves too.  Run to your nearest Walmart and get ya one or two. :)

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Kelley said...

Love your closet! These pictures make me want to organize mine. I love what you do with your necklaces!