Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As of late

Well I didn't mean to take that long of a break from blogging, I just got lazy.  

Let's catch up:

Last Tuesday was Beth's 38th birthday and the next day was Kris' 38th.
We went out to dinner Tuesday night for Beth's birthday, but no pictures.
Kris' mom offered to watch the boys while we went out again to dinner, and once again, no pictures.  

Kris was also off from work all last week.  We didn't have anything planned, but since Branson, MO is less than 2hrs away, we decided to head over there for a change of scenery.  I'm saddened to hear of the tornado that went through there last night and all the damage it did to the main strip.  

We ate lunch in the downtown area at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Farmhouse Restaurant

They served their drinks in mason jars!

Sorry if you hate food pictures.  I got the open-faced beef sandwich and Kris got the 2pc chicken. 

It was a lot of food!  But that didn't stop us from sharing an apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream!! :P

Meanwhile, the boys have been jamming on the guitar.

Levi's little personality is starting to blossom!  He's such a little stinker.
I just love a baby in a diaper.  I want to take a bite!  His little teeth crack me up!

Caught him standing last night in front of the tv like this.  

And because we can't get too far from our southern roots, we added a tire swing in the backyard!  

Today I finalized kindergarten registration for Jacob.  I am in denial!  

When he got home from preschool today, he welcomed me with flowers :)!

Also, I was scrubbing the carpet trying to get a stain out and he asked, "what are you doing mommy?"  I said, "I'm cleaning the carpet."  He asked, "is that your job, mommy?"  I said, "I suppose."
He then asked, "what is my job mommy?  To play?"  :)

Oh he makes me laugh!


Kelley said...

Both boys are so cute! Love your tire swing pictures! Love how Levi watched tv!

Kelley said...
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