Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo Challenge: Blue

We received a bit of snow today, so we pulled out last year's snow suit and his everyday tennis shoes because that's how we roll....  :)
The blue eyes are lids off my basil and cinnamon spices :)
The nose is a stalk of celery.
The black 'buttons' are lids of spices too.  
Oh, and the smile is made of fruit loops.

Jacob was so happy to see the snow.  He asked if we could put up the Christmas decorations :)


Beth said...

cutest snowman ever.

kimmie said...

haha! I love that he asked if he could put up Christmas decor! Maddox is looking at the picture with me and he said.."that snow man is pretty"! ha! I'm jealous of the snow..hope we get some!

Kelley said...

Hands down, the best snowman I have seen in a long time.