Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dress Up!

I guess I should have read the photo challenge a little closer.
Some of the items are a little awkward, and I have more interesting photos to share, so I'm jumping off that bandwagon for a bit :)

Beth and her kiddos came over last week and I knew at one point Kate and Levi were in my bedroom.
He came out looking like this :)

She was so proud!

Jacob spent the night with Kate and Luke for the first time Saturday night.
Sad I don't have any pictures of that (hint hint!!)  :)
Kris picked him up before church and he was dressed like this :)
He squeezed into Luke's transformer costume.

Sunday night we were back over at Beth's for the Super Bowl.
At one point, Levi walked into the room like this :)

If you haven't caught on, Kate likes to play dress up :)
Sorry, these were taken with my phone.  Do you see his pearls?  :)

Love my boys!


Jenna said...

I love that Cars outfit! My boys would flip out!

Brittany said...

He would make a cute girl!!!! ha! :)))

We were singing "Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!!!!

Kelley said...

My girls like dress up too! Very cute! I love the pearls. She had a blast with him. Ha!