Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Iron Ons

Last year I bought a set of Christmas iron on prints for the boys.
I dug them out this year, and we wore them to see Santa.  

But since you couldn't see Levi's because he was trying to scurry away, here is a pic of it.
Don't they look happy?   :)

Little stinker!  Why couldn't he have been this happy to see Santa?!

I must confess, Henry stayed in the same spot for 3 nights in a row.  We forgot!  DOH!
But he got busy making snowflakes!!

I think Kris Henry did a wonderful job!!!  :)

He worked so hard that he had to call it an early night :)

Snug as a bug next to the fire :)


Kelley said...

Your Henry has a cute personality! Love the pictures of the books together.

Kelley said...

Sorry, I guess I am up too late. My post should have read, I love the pictures of your boys together. Ha!