Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Recap

My parents came up here for Christmas so we celebrated with them Christmas Eve.

Sweet Lukey giving his momma sugars

All the kids had so much fun opening gifts, even Levi

They each helped one another

I loved seeing their excitement

Thanking each other, so sweet :)

Luke showing Levi his new toy :)

My new cake pop pan!  I love it!  You know I love my 'as seen on tv' products :)
Jacob is showing me his favorite :)

Papaw (my dad) laughing so hard because he couldn't figure out what his present was... handkerchiefs :)

My handyman and his new, longer level :)

Our traditional Christmas hat photo :)

On our way home, I snapped this photo of someone's front window :)

Before going to bed, we left cookies & milk for Santa :)
And ended the night reading "The Night Before Christmas" :)

Up next, a visit from Santa! :)


kimmie said...

I love that all yall wore Santa hats and I love L and J's shirts...I tried to order the rudolph one and I had waited to late.

Kelley said...

How Fun! You guys have great traditions! It was so fun seeing their pictures and the wonder on their faces.

Beth said...

good times.