Monday, February 2, 2009

So Sue Me!

So we didn't know where Jacob was for about 30seconds last night at the Pittman's Super Bowl Bash, and we found him in the backyard with no shoes on, standing in soaking wet grass (or possibly leftover snow) crying. Like that's never happened to you.


Amy said...

i loved your response when i asked if he had been outside. it cracked me and scott up!

Beth said...

I have thought about it several times today and it makes me laugh every time. Parents of the year goes to....well, i shouldn't say kid has a broken leg.

Karen said...

While we're handing out the parent of the year awards, I FORGOT to post that when we were at the manatee viewing area, we said "ok girls, it's time to go" and Kaylee walked around the corner without us while we were rounding up Jennah and her friend. So for about 10 seconds, we didn't see her! Of course I didn't post that... my mom reads my blog!! It happens to even the best of us!!