Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today is Kris' birthday. He has hit the big 3-5 milestone. I'm so proud of him, and love him so much that I want to list 35 reasons why. They are:

1. When he makes omelets for us for breakfast, he always gives me the first one.
2. He is a wonderful father to Jacob.
3. He is a hard worker in both work and school
4. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition makes him cry
5. I go to bed before him every night, and he tucks me in. :)
6. I love it when he sings
7. He's a good cook
8. He lets me spend money, and never gives me a hard time
9. I constantly ask him questions, and he always has an answer
10. His medical knowledge
11. He never gets mad
12. He's just a good guy, and gets along with everybody
13. He's always there for his friends when they need to borrow his truck
14. He watches the Sci-Fi channel. I hate it, but I think its neat that he enjoys it
15. He writes the sweetest things in all birthday / anniversary / valentine cards
16. He cried on our wedding day, and I love that!
17. He pushes the cart when we're at Walmart
18. He always gets Jacob in and out of his car seat when we're all out and about
19. He has no problem going to a restaurant or movie by himself
20. He always wears his wedding ring. I sometimes forget - sorry lovebug.
21. He lets me call him lovebug
22. We watch the Food Network together
23. He makes the best Buffalo Chicken Rolls
24. He is not a picky eater - and my mom and Beth love to cook for him
25. He has a contagious laugh, and I love it when something gets him going
26. He always tells me "bye, love you, have a good day" when he leaves the house for work
27. I can tell him at the last minute we have plans to go somewhere or do something, and he'll say "OK"
28. He puts up with my lack of patience
29. I love that he was in the Navy and stationed in a lot of cool places
30. He does a great imitation of my Dad
31. He is very protective
32. His hazel eyes
33. He is a great problem solver
34. We still hold hands
35. He is the best handyman ever - he can install or fix anything

In the Navy...

Here he is hard at studying late at night, still has his ring on - told ya. :)

Here he is watching over Jacob :)

Happy Birthday Lovebug!!! We love you!!

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday Krissy! Love that johnny impression!