Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is my favorite sister's birthday, and she is one of my favorite people in the world. Since she's the big 3-5, I thought I would list 35 reasons why I love Beth. They are:

1. She is a wonderful mother
2. She can get ready in 15mins.
3. She always smells good
4. Her love for Jacob
5. She's smart
6. She's confident
7. She has a great network of friends / contacts
8. She's a good cook
9. She always invites us over for dinner
10. She always includes our family in their outings / activities
11. She's always reading something - newspaper, magazine, book, internet
12. She makes me laugh
13. She's always thinking of others
14. We have so many "inside jokes" that only she and I know
15. I can lean on her for anything
16. She cries at anything. "Dead Man Walking" (see #14)
17. She always makes sure I'm prepared for any task
18. We have been pretty much inseparable since birth (mine that is)
19. She has a great sense of style
20. Her soft skin
21. Her laugh
22. Her blog
23. She is a wonderful Aunt. Aka Aunt B!
24. Her home is warm and inviting
25. She has nice vehicles
26. She always has cookies ready to bake
27. Her bed is always made
28. I love getting her opinion about everything
29. Her nails
30. She's a great grocery shopper
31. She always has a great handbag
32. Her hair always looks nice
33. She has a gorgeous Christmas tree every year
34. She is always a phone call away
35. She is my best friend

Happy Birthday Bayeth!!! I love you!


Jammie said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!!

Beth said...

Sissy, those were so nice. You are crazy. I got a little teary eyed...ok, i cried. Thank you.Love you.

The Robinsons said...

she is pretty fabulous. #25 made me laugh. happy birthday, beth!

Karen said...

How sweet.. where can I find a sister like that?