Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Small Addictions

I thought I would expose to the world my top 5 addictions. Why you ask? Because I have nothing else to blog about. They are as follows:

1). Diet Pepsi - I would probably even put this in cereal if it tasted good. I need to cut back.

2). Chap Stick - This is such an "ahhhhh" feeling when applied.

3). Laptop/Internet - I need to get a new hobby.

4). Fluffy Socks - I wear these around the house, and also to bed. If they would fit comfortably in shoes, I'd wear them all day.

5). Electric Blanket - I love crawling into a warm bed. This is a must-have during the winter.
Do you have any addictions you'd like to share?


Jammie said...

Love your blog. I do have addictions I could share! I'll have to write some down.

Beth said...

I have some addictions too - I don't want to share them. I love all yours...

The Robinsons said...

i like your list. you can become the list master. i'm w/ you on the fluffy socks. i wear them w/ shoes even though they hang over the sides and look terrible.

Karen said...

who can't love fluffy socks! I'm addicted to During the football game, I told Mike "It's like MY beer!" lol

Big "T" from the Fort said...

I totally agree on #1...have you tried the Diet Pepsi with Lemon...Yum,Yum!!