Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

We did not take a family vacation this summer, instead we planned a quick getaway for Thanksgiving (which we have never done).  My parents, and Beth's family went as well.  And since my 40th birthday was the same week, it was basically my trip.  HA! J/K!
We decided on Gatlinburg, TN. 
We decided to break the trip up going out there.  We drove by Loretta Lynn's home, and I had to stop since I love the movie Coal Miner's Daughter.  I would have LOVED to take the tour.

If you've seen the movie, this house is in it.  I was so giddy!! 
The boys on the other hand, had no clue.  HA!

My cousin lives about a couple hours out of the way, but since we were so close, we decided to drive over to see him.  And my aunt and uncle were in town for Thanksgiving, so that was an extra treat.

My cousin owns a gun shop and I know Kris, John, and my dad would love to shoot at the gun range, heck, so would I, so we went back to his store after lunch and did just that!

We shot an AK-47 and an AR-15.
I had never held a gun before so it was definitely an experience!
It was sooo loud in there, too!  There were other people in the range shooting as well, and let me tell ya... I felt very vulnerable being in there with other people with loaded guns.  It was a weird feeling! 
Now we can say we've shot one.

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