Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

I didn't realize Gatlinburg was a tourist town - where have I been?  It reminds me a bigger Branson.  There was so much to see/do on the 'strip'. 

After lunch, we hit up a few fun spots. 

We rode the ferris wheel.  So fun!

Later we went to Ober Gatlinburg.
We rode the aerial tram up the mountain and did a few of the activities there, including the ski mountain coaster.  It was sooooo fun!!!  Levi rode with me and he loved it!  He kept telling me to go faster (you control your speed - which is something we had to remind Beth several times.  she wasn't too excited about it. Ha!)

Jacob and Kris were in the car behind us.  Can you see them? :)

It wasn't our traditional Thanksgiving and I loved doing something out of the ordinary for us. 
We had great weather and it was a day full of thanks!

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